Carlos is over at the house of his piano teacher, Janet. Janet soon discovers that Carlos hasn't been practicing at all. When students misbehave, then teacher has no choice she has to exact some discipline. She slams the piano shut and orders Carlos to his knees. Carlos is scared. He doesn't know what Janet is going to do. Her form of punishment is very sweet' She first orders him to worship her feet, which are clothed in panty hose. Then Carlos is forced to take his cock out. She ties some rope around his cock and balls, torturing him that way by tightening it gradually, until Carlos is screeching in pain. Janet ties a strap-on dildo around Carlos's face, then lifts up her skirt so that he can penetrate her wet vagina. All the while, she has her grip on the rope, which she tightens at will, sending shivers of panic down Carlos???s body as his cock hardens. Then she gets a large dildo out and begins greasing up her bad student's asshole

Tyrannized Video


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