Mistress T and Mistress Samantha take great pleasure in using a slave's body as a mattress to sit on. This clip starts with Mistress Samantha sitting on the slave's face and Mistress T sitting on his groin. The Ladies are drinking wine and making out in a highly erotic scene. They also discuss the joys of smothering and how lucky the slave is to be sniffing Samantha's panties as She sits on him. Mistress T lifts Samantha's skirt and bends down to enjoy Samantha's fragrance as well. "This slave is too lucky to be smelling you," She says. Samantha suggests they trade places and Mistress T decides to punish the slave's face with a brutal jeans facesit. She sits full weight and really grinds Her jeans into his face. Samantha is sitting on his groin and notices that the slave is pushing his hips against Her. This infuriates the Ladies so Mistress T does a brutal full weight butt drop on his face. She sits hard and punishes his face. The Ladies laugh and Mistress T starts singing the song, "you don't always get what you want," as the Ladies laugh hysterically at how the slave is deniedany pleasure. Very erotic make out scenes between the Girls with brutal jeans facesitting on the poor slave.

Club Stiletto Video


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